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8 Steps To Develop Mobile Applications

Simple Steps To Develop Mobile Applications 

Do you want to make an app for your business, there’s always an app for anything you can imagine.
You can develop mobile applications as an extension of your existing business or create a new business from scratch.

This comprehensive guide will clarify how to develop mobile applications
and the life cycle to help you develop a successful app.

Step1. Define Your Goals:

develop mobile applications

The way to develop mobile applications must start with clearly defined goals.

Defining what you want to achieve, your business problems,
and how to solve them will ultimately establish your entire development process.
If you don’t clearly define your business goals, and problems from the beginning,
you will get lost along the way once you start to develop mobile applications.


Don’t just set any goals, set measurable goals.

Measurable goals that you can achieve to ensure that you’re continually aiming toward them.
You can set goals related to the end-user, as well as goals related from the beginning.

To make sure that you are setting your app development goals, you need to understand
the difference between a goal and an objective.
Goals are the outcomes that you want to reach,
but objectives are the steps you take to achieve those goals.

Objectives have to be into “SMART” objectives:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Suppose you want to develop a mobile application for your clothing store
with your goal to decrease the rate at which customers abandon their shopping carts.
To effectively track your progress towards this goal,
it is essential to have a clear understanding of your existing abandonment rates.
This will enable you to make a comparison with the abandonment rates once your app is launched.

Select Platform:

You’ll also need to decide on which platform you want to develop mobile applications for your business.
Will it be a custom Android or ios app? It’s important to begin thinking about which platform you want for the process.

Step 2. Conduct Market Research:

develop mobile applications

Once you’ve set your goals, you need to ensure that there’s a market need for your app. 

If you develop mobile applications without market research that could result in
a valuable waste of your time, money, and resources. 

For that make sure to make these ways:

  • Create surveys about your business.
  • Conduct interviews and live events.
  • Run a group for your target audience.
  • Research your competition, and know your competitors well.
  • Figure out how to develop mobile applications to improve your customer experience.

You can work with the best social media marketing agency in Egypt to help you do your market research carefully.

Step3. Decide Your App Features:

develop mobile applications

Think about your app features, most people are tempted to add extra and unnecessary features to their app.
However,  some features take your business away from your main purpose. 

Examples of common app features include:

  • Push notifications.
  • Community wall.
  • GPS capabilities.
  • Surveys and questionnaires.
  • Video, image, and audio hubs.
  • Booking capabilities.
  • Calendar integrations.
  • E-commerce carts.
  • Menu ordering system.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • User directory.

Simply, it is the most important aspect of developing mobile applications.
If your app’s main function doesn’t require the user’s booking capabilities,
you can skip the booking capabilities f

Information Architecture and Workflows:

One of the first steps to developing mobile applications is developing
rules as part of your app’s information architecture.
You’ll need to determine which data will be present within your app,
how, and how your target audience will interact with it

You’ll then need to create workflow diagrams that can be very helpful in keeping
all your possible target audiences’ interactions.
Additionally, they will let you see how your app’s navigation is implemented.


Wireframes are used to prioritize your user experience and visual appeal inside your app
and aim to create an application that is user-friendly and smooth in its functionality.

Style guides:

Style guides created for your business branding, so users can easily find your brand within a single document.
These style guides usually include the following design aspect of your app:

  • Fonts.
  • Color scheme.
  • Spacing and positioning instructions.
  • Buttons.
  • Widgets.
  • Other relevant design elements.

Style guides play a crucial role in the development strategy of your app by ensuring consistency and harmony.
To maintain a unified design and feel throughout the app, promoting a better visual experience.

Step 4. Choose Your Development Method:

develop mobile applications

There are lots of different ways to develop mobile applications.
For that, before you start to create a mobile app, you’ll need to select which method is the best for your unique situation.

From using a no-code app builder to software development outsourcing,
there are a lot of different options to consider.

Choosing the suitable method for your business is based on some factors like your budget,
your technical skill level, and app type.

How to Create an App With BuildFire?

BuildFire is in a category of its own.

BuildFire was created to give you a chance to develop mobile applications
on your own using an extensive marketplace with a lot of features for complete customization.

BuildFire provides flexibility in terms of the capabilities of apps.
If there is a specific feature that is not yet available in the app marketplace,
you have the option to utilize the BuildFire SDK and with
the help of the
best web development company in Egypt will create it for you. 

BuildFire doesn’t require any coding skills or technical knowledge from you.
So you won’t have to learn programming languages. 

You can develop mobile applications on your own using a web-based platform to launch
an iPhone app and an Android app at the same time.
Just choose a template and start adding the features you need.
It’s an easy way to develop iOS apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. 

How to Create an App With Native Development?

Native development includes low-level coding.
So if you’re not a developer and don’t know how to code,
you’ll need to hire the
best web development company in Egypt specialized to create the app for you.

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Step 5. App Development:

develop mobile applications

The most important stages of your mobile app development process. For that, it’s made up of two main parts: backend and frontend.

develop mobile applications


The backend stage of app development includes creating databases and server-side that are responsible for your app performance.

So, if you want your mobile application to expand your users, make sure you’re working with the best web development agency in Egypt.


A mobile app frontend is what the end-user will interact with most.

Step 6. Mobile App Testing:

develop mobile applications

Once you’re done to develop mobile applications, it’s time to test your app.
After all, you want to make sure the mobile app’s developed solution is stable, secure, and doesn’t have any bugs.

Functionality: When you check your app and the features inside make sure that everything works well.

Performance: During your test of the performance of your mobile application,
you’ll need to pay attention to your app’s responsiveness and how it increases your current users.

Step7. Deployment:

develop mobile applications

Once you are prepared to launch your app, you will need to follow different distribution
models based on the platform you developed for.
The mobile application deployment process is simple.
You will either need to submit your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For both stores, you will be required to complete various forms and submit your app for the review process. 

Step 8. Support and Performance Monitoring:

develop mobile applications

Once your app is successfully launched and users are downloading it,
it becomes important to put on your analytical hat and monitor its performance.
This step is very important and should not be underestimated.
When you are doing continuous management and monitoring of your app performance are essential to ensure its success in the long run.

Some of the most important KPIs you should look at are:

  • Numbers of app downloads.
  • Active users.
  • Average visit time.
  • Retention.
  • Churn.
  • Conversions rates.
  • Customer lifetime value.
  • Ratings.
  • Reviews.


A well-developed mobile application can help your brand and give a good impression
on your target audience and when you work with the best web development company in Egypt, it helps you to achieve.
It can also help you get more app downloads and conversions.


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