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Best Motion Graphic Agencies in Egypt

Technology keeps changing day after a day which makes using the internet an essential part of our everyday life. That led to a huge expansion in using digital marketing rather than the traditional one. If you own any type of business, or you are a freelancer, promoting your services using digital marketing is no longer an option; it has become a must! 

In this article, we will let you know more about digital marketing, its importance, its components, the importance of using motion graphics, and the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt. 

What is digital marketing?

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Owning a business or brand requires promoting to keep in touch with your customers and let people know more about your products or services. This promotion can be through different platforms and channels. While digital marketing is promoting your products or services using any type of digital communications. This can be through email, sms, web-based advertising, social media, or even t.v. ads. 

Differences between Digital marketing and traditional marketing

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The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the medium it uses. As traditional marketing uses traditional mediums like magazines or newspapers. While digital marketing uses digital mediums such as social media, websites, or emails. But for sure this is not the only difference, as they also differ in the speed of reaching audiences, the accuracy of the targeted audiences, the cost, tracking the results, and the engagement rate with the customers. 

  • Speed of reaching the audiences:

In digital marketing, you can easily and quickly reach your target audiences as everyone is using the internet on a daily basis now. 

  • Accuracy of reaching the targeted audience:

Using traditional marketing may not be that accurate as you can’t choose who will read your ad in the magazine or the newspapers. While in digital marketing you can easily choose who to see your ads.

  • The cost:

Using traditional marketing may cost a lot as publishing an ad in a newspaper or through a billboard is not cheap at all! While using digital marketing is much cheaper as your campaigns on social media or Google don’t cost you a lot! 

Tracking the results:

You may know how many people bought a specific newspaper or magazine, but can you know how many of them read a specific page? Tracking the results in traditional marketing is not easy at all as you can never know how many people walk by the street where your billboard is located, how many saw it, or how many did purchase your product because of this billboard. While tracking digital marketing campaigns results is much easier as you can easily know how many people saw your ad, how many of them clicked on the action button, and how many of them did purchase online. 

  • Customers engagement rate:

Do you remember how many times you saw a creative billboard or a magazine ad? Did you take any action to engage with the brand by asking about details or to make a review? That’s much easier in digital marketing as customers can easily write a comment, send a message, or even like it! 


Importance of digital marketing

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As the whole world is turning to be online nowadays, it’s important for any brand to stay online and connected! Digital marketing helps you to be well-known, to reach ideal customers, to express yourself easily, and to engage with your customers to increase the trust between your brand and your customers. That’s beside being reachable 24/7 from anywhere. 

Components of digital marketing

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into 8 main categories including: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Affiliate Marketing. While the most used of them is social media marketing which includes copywriting, media buying, graphic designing, and motion graphics which we will tell you more about in the following lines.

Importance of motion graphics

It’s known that videos make information much easier and deliver the meaning faster than static designs or pieces of written content. Videos can be animated videos or produced videos. Most brands tend to use produced videos forgetting about the importance of having motion graphics videos or animated videos. While the importance of motion graphics is huge as it can:

Simplify complex information:

If you work in a highly technical industry or simply seek to explain complicated information, communicating with your audience can have its challenges. Motion graphic videos are an effective way for content marketers to communicate this complex information and data-rich content in an easy-to-digest format.

 Increase brand awareness:

We all know that brand awareness is key to driving conversions. In a market that is highly saturated with content , standing out from the crowd can be challenging. That may happen through having a creative and booming motion graphic video that makes people always remember your brand.

Unlimited creativity:

Paramount to all of the above, motion graphic videos allow you to truly tap into your creativity. You can create any scenario you wish with unlimited parameters. And, in a world where budget plays a role in the creation of any video, motion graphic videos tend to be more forgiving for a lower budget.

Affordable cost:

A lot of people think that motion graphics are expensive. But if you tried to compare it to a produced video, would it be as expensive as you think? Motion graphics can perfectly express your ideas in a friendly cost that can be affordable for your budget. 

Types of motion graphics

Types of motion graphics

As using motion graphics is very important for your business, you need to know types of motion graphics. So, you can make your choice of which type to use for the ultimate benefit for your business. Here are 10 types of motion graphics and their usages:

Explainer videos:

One of the popular types of motion graphics is explainer videos. They are short videos that are usually used to explain an idea, concept, or to show the way of doing something. It can be great for promoting products as you can easily explain how to use this product. It might be challenging to explain the way of using a specific product or service in words as people may get bored or lost, while using the animated explainer videos will help you deliver the information easily.

Animated titles:

Giving more life to your writings makes it enjoyable and understandable. That’s why marketers tend to use the animated titles as they can highlight a specific idea or title rather than another one. This is very important if your motion graphics video doesn’t have a voiceover to help the communication along.

Animated logos:

Your logo is your identity that makes people remember you. What if you added life to it to make it move? Animated logos are one of the best motion graphics types you can use for your business. Alternatively, you don’t even have to make it complicated,  you could simply take your logo and make it hover on the screen to give it a little bit of life. Animated logos are a perfect choice for your brand, the only disadvantage of it is that it can’t be printed! But, you can use it in video ads, on social media, and in opening or closing sequences of branded videos. 


People use GIFs all the time. Some of these GIFs are parts of live videos while the others are originally made to be GIFs. What makes GIFs perfect is that it doesn’t take a long time to be created. Also, you can use them to show a short piece of information or for some social media competitions.

UI/UX animations:

UI/UX animations are a type of explainer video. However, they are unique in that they take on nearly the exact format of the user interface being explained. For example, if you’ve created an app or digital platform, it’s a smart idea to show it in action using motion graphics. This way, what your audience sees will be what they get. In other words, if they start using your platform, they’ll already be familiar with it.


Let’s face it, even when an infographic is showing some really interesting stats, sometimes we’re tempted to skim over it. However, making your infographic MOVE will ensure your audience’s eyes stay on the right things. As a result, you’ll get the information across in exactly the way you want to. These types of motion graphics are most suited to platforms like LinkedIn.

Animated Ads:

Animated ads are short videos that focus on specific key points of your business. They supplement full animated explainers, which aim to tell comprehensive brand stories and are capped at 90 seconds. Unlike full explainers, these ads highlight  specific features, timely promos, or other special events. Animated ads can be used on different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

Animated icons:

Instead of making the whole picture move, you can use some animated icons. Using animated icons highlights the exact information you need to explain and keeps your customers’ eyes on it rather than looking at the whole design. It doesn’t mean that they will see nothing except the icons, but they will focus with these icons that will easily and clearly explain a specific piece of information.

Short movies:

Motion graphics help you the most with narrating your story. Sometimes all you need is to tell people a specific story that shows something or a special moral. Instead of telling it in some written words that will take much time to read and will not deliver the exact feelings, motion graphics would do it easily in a great way. This type can be perfectly used for spreading awareness using different social media platforms.

Product animations:

Product animations are a type of explainer animation that highlight features of a product or service through both typographic and illustrative elements. The reason they are separated from explainer videos or UI/UX explainers is because of their underlying purpose: A product animation uses motion graphics to quickly and simply illustrate how a product works. Using a combination of words and graphics, product animations deliver a bite-sized overview that’s perfect for potential customers. 

From all of these motion graphics, which one do you think will be good for your business? Whether you know the type your business needs or not, you have to search for the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt to get the best quality that will benefit your business the most. If you still don’t know the best agency, you definitely need to check out Trendlix’s motion graphics services.

How to evaluate a motion graphic video:

Any  product or service can be made in a good or a bad way depending on who made it and how it was made. That’s why we will tell you how to evaluate a motion graphics video in the following few lines: 

Audio-video sync:

Any motion graphics video, it must have audio. Whether this audio is a voice over or a piece of music, you need to make sure that this audio is synced well with the video. In other words, you need to make sure that there is harmony between both of them. You shouldn’t feel bothered or annoyed as if the video is talking about something and the audio is talking about another thing. Thus, a good audio-video sync is one of the most important factors in your motion graphics to grab your customers’ attention and keep it till the last seconds. 


A motion graphic video generally consists of a number of scenes. You need to make sure these scenes are smoothly transitioned. The viewer shouldn’t feel the cut between one scene and another. Thus, you have to keep this on your mind while searching for the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt.

Audio selection

As we just mentioned, a motion graphic video has a voice over or a piece of music. In the case of the music, the audio selection is very crucial. Just imagine having a motion graphic video promoting wedding accessories and putting funeral music on it! That is how important the audio selection is.

Color gradings:

At this point, a motion graphics video is not different from a static graphic design. Both must have color gradings that are matching with the brand identity, and matching together. Also, colors can’t be extremely hot or extremely warm. Thus, having a look at different portfolios while searching for the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt is an essential thing to do.

Tone of voice:

If your motion graphics video has a voice over, you need to make sure that the tone of voice is matching with your brand voice, and suitable for your targeted audience. Searching for the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt is not that easy. But for sure if the agency’s tone of voice is suitable, it will have a suitable one for your brand.

background music:

A motion graphics video that contains a voice over needs background music as well. You need to make sure that this background music is suitable for the video. Also, you need to make sure that the music is not too loud so you can’t hear the voice over, or too quiet so you can’t even hear it. It has to be hearable but not noisy. Only the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt can do so easily. 

Fonts and text selection:

If your motion graphic video contains some titles, you need to make sure from the selection of the font. It must be easy to read, understandable, trendy, and matching with the brand identity. Also, it would be an advantage if it is matching with the video type. For example, if you are promoting some girly products, it would be better to be written in white and pink. 

Those are the main factors you must put in consideration while searching for one of the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt. If you can see that all of these factors exist, you can deal with them safely. But you also need to keep in mind that Trendlix has a team of experts who are able to get you the best quality with the least editing and with approximately no mistakes!

How much does it cost to create a motion graphic video

Some business owners think that motion graphic videos cost a lot, while in fact this is not true. A motion graphic video is an essential thing to be included in your marketing plan for more engagement, and more sales. Motion graphic videos cost from 2.5K EGP per minute. For sure you will find that some agencies ask for more especially if they are one of the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt. But you need to know that high quality costs more. It takes more time and more effort to get the best possible quality. In addition to dealing with professional and helpful staff which is priceless for most business owners. As dealing with a professional staff means less edits, less time, and more comfort! That’s exactly what you can find in Trendlix as it has been sorted to be one of the 10 best motion graphic agencies in Egypt.

How long does it take to create a motion graphic video?

In digital marketing, every second matters. That’s why most business owners want their work to be done as fast as possible. But some of them care about time forgetting about how hard it is. When it comes to producing a motion graphics video, there are many factors that determine the needed time. Here are some of them:

The industry:

It’s known that the hardness level differs from one industry to another. There are some industries that require less effort, while the other ones require too much search to get the best quality. It doesn’t mean that there are some steps take place in some industries and don’t take place in others. But it all depends on the time that the search phase takes.


The professional level is a main factor in determining the needed time. A professional motion designer would obviously take much less time than a junior or entry level designer would take. But you don’t need to be worried as all the designers at Trendlix are professional ones who know how to make your work done with the best quality in the least possible time. 

Type of the motion graphic video:

As we mentioned before, there are different types of motion graphic videos. Some of them take much more time than others. Thus, while choosing which type you need, you have to put your timeline in consideration. Also, finding the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt will help you a lot in determining the suitable type and the timeline of your work.

Number of characters:

Have you ever asked a motion designer about the thing they enjoy the most but is also the most hard one? If you did, they will tell you these animation videos that have characters. As drawing a character and giving life to it sounds interesting and enjoyable, it takes much more time than moving other items. So, if your video is a character-based one, don’t expect your work to be done in a few days!

Producing a 60-90 seconds motion graphic video generally takes between 5 to 15 working days. While in Trendlix, as it is one of the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt, the staff always care about your time and work. Thus, meeting the deadlines is the most important thing for them. 

How to choose the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt:

After knowing almost everything about motion graphics. It is time to choose an agency. Choosing the best motion graphic agencies in Egypt is not that easy. But it’s not that hard! All you need is to determine your budget, your timeline, and to ask for different portfolios to see how those agencies get their work done. You can easily check Trendlix portfolio here and get the best motion graphic video with the highest quality and most competitive cost.

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